U: underground,
Bahn: train,
¨-chen: cute suffix.

Ubähnchen is a map of the Berlin trains. The design is inspired by the game Minimetro.

How it works

Planned mode

Schedules are extracted from the GTFS data of the VBB (released on Fri, 01 Dec 2023 20:06:07 GMT) which contains arrival time and departure time for a time period of several months. The movement of the trains is simulated at constant speed between stations.

⚠️ New GTFS data from VBB is available, making this website out of date. It was released on {{gtfsLastModified}}.

Live mode (beta)

Powered by VBB GmbH. All information without guarantee.

The HAFAS API has a “radar” endpoint, giving the position of all trains and animation data, containing stops information (origin, target, time) and a proc value, which I think means “position between 2 stops in percent“.

Unfortunately, there are some implementation mistakes in Ubähnchen causing trains to move weirdly or disappear.


Disclaimer: Ubähnchen is an independent amateur website, not connected to any company or organisation. It's free, free of ads and cookies. The displayed date can be inacurate. Use at your own risk, blablabla...